Brandon P. Stradford for Senate
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Early on my parents ingrained in me the value of good morals, education, a strong work ethic and citizenship. Their investment in our education and exposure to the outside world was a tremendous sacrifice. One that most families in our working class neighborhood made. A lasting memory of my childhood was an environment of multiculturalism. Different hues living together and existing… or many subsisting as I later learned. 

I attended St. John Villa Academy, Trinity Lutheran School, Staten Island Academy and Susan Wagner High School. I received my Baccalaureate from the State University of New York Oswego in 1985, Professional Certification in Public Administration from CUNY Graduate School of Professional Studies in 2009, and my master’s degree in Urban Studies from Queens College in 2010.  

I’ve worked for the City of New York as a Human Resources professional for over 25 years. I’ve dedicated my career to creating employment opportunities for the underemployed, voiceless and disenfranchised.  I have worked tirelessly for the thousands of workers employed at the agencies where I served.  

When I started my career in Human resources 60% of the minority workforce—although employed—earned slightly above poverty levels, and received public assistance. I realized a remedy was needed. I expanded outreach efforts to recruit qualified persons, regardless of race, ethnicity or perceived status. I promoted recruitment from organizations and colleges that were traditionally excluded. I believed, and still believe, that every determined and prepared job-seeker deserves an opportunity, including the former youthful offender, Veteran and individuals with convictions. My mission to level the playing field for the disenfranchised eventually  became my life's work. Applicants that are typically overlooked became the recipients of over 300 full time municipal employment positions!

Every citizen—no matter their background—has a right to expect more and better for themselves. I have never hesitated to be a voice for those who have no voice!  I, my neighbors, the poor, the immigrant, the abandoned and the castaway all have the right to demand liberty; the right to earn a decent living wage; the right to quality housing and healthcare; and the right to a clean and safe community. 

I will fight for to make sure their voices are heard and those rights are honored! 

It would be my privilege to become the next New York State Senator and serve all 300,000 residents of the 23rd district. Allow me to be a champion for those who have searched for one, and to be a voice for those who’ve had no voice.  

 Now is the time for a new conversation in Albany!

Brandon Stradford